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Law Office VK & Partnerid is a company which practices mainly legal consulting of clients. We have long term experience in providing clients with legal assistance in such fields as commercial law, real estate, contract law, bankruptcy, family law, labor and succession law. We also represent clients in different negotiations and litigations.

During the years we have created a network of specialists of different fields of activity with a purpose of providing the client with wide range of services in order to also satisfy the needs of the most fastidious client.

In November 2013, Madis Truber who has worked in Estonian Tax and Customs Board since 1994, joined our team. Madis shall assist you in all matters related to tax law, including negotiations and court actions. As in Estonian Tax and Customs Board Madis was specializing on collection of taxes and preparing liability decisions, he has special knowledge of personal liability of a member of the management board and transfer of an enterprise