Taxation Law

Legal personalities as well as natural persons deal with taxes established by state and local governments in every-day activities, also with declaration and payment of taxes. Still, the matters connected with taxation law are not always clear and understandable to everyone which causes disputes between persons and with Tax and Customs Board.

The law office shall be a dependable partner in relations and disputes with Tax and Customs Board. We shall help the client with preparing complaints and challenges, in negotiations and court, finding solutions and concluding compromises.

In November 2013, Madis Truber who has worked in Estonian Tax and Customs Board since 1994, joined our team. Madis shall assist you in all matters related to taxation law, including negotiations and court actions. As in Estonian Tax and Customs Board Madis was specializing on collection of taxes and preparing liability decisions, he has special knowledge of personal liability of a member of the management board and transfer of an enterprise.